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Attribution: None specified; contact the maintainer for clarification.
Created: unknown
Modified: unknown
Publisher: University of Oxford
Maintainer: unknown
Rights holder: unknown
Contact: Open Data Team

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Example resources: None specified
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Vocabularies in use:
Friend of a Friend (FOAF) vocabulary
The RDF Concepts Vocabulary (RDF)
The RDF Schema vocabulary (RDFS)
DCMI Metadata Terms - other
Ontology for vCard
SKOS Vocabulary
Classes in use: AgentDocumentdatasetCatalogDatasetOrganizationalUnitsd:Graph
Predicates in use: Date Createdcc:attributionName resource of datasethas subsetin datasetlabelnamepersonal mailboxtypevaluevocabularyConforms ToDate ModifiedDescriptionLicensePublisherReferencesRights HolderSubjectTitlecc:attributionURLdatasetemailhomepagenotationhas licenseoo:contactoo:correctionsoo:exampleQueryoo:organizationpost inprimary Site

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