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subject predicate
dc:title rdf:type
skos:note rdf:type
skos:definition rdf:type
skos:scopeNote rdf:type
dc:creator rdf:type
dc:contributor rdf:type
dcterms:license rdf:type
dc:rights rdf:type
foaf:homepage rdf:type
skos:altLabel rdf:type
skos:changeNote rdf:type
skos:editorialNote rdf:type
skos:prefLabel rdf:type
skos:hiddenLabel rdf:type
oxp:hasFinanceCode rdf:type
oxp:hasOUCSCode rdf:type
oxp:hasOSMIdentifier rdf:type
oxp:hasOBNCode rdf:type
oxp:hasOLISCode rdf:type
oxp:hasOLISAlephCode rdf:type
skos:example rdf:type
dc:subject rdf:type
owl:versionInfo rdf:type
owl:deprecated rdf:type
skos:historyNote rdf:type
owl:backwardCompatibleWith rdf:type
owl:incompatibleWith rdf:type
owl:priorVersion rdf:type
gr:relatedWebService rdf:type
gr:displayPosition rdf:type
org:roleProperty rdf:type


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