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subject predicate
rdfs:Class rdf:type
foaf:Agent rdf:type
owl:Thing rdf:type
foaf:Document rdf:type
owl:disjointWith rdfs:range
owl:disjointWith rdfs:domain
foaf:Organization rdf:type
foaf:Project rdf:type
void:Dataset rdf:type
dcat:Dataset rdf:type
foaf:Person rdf:type
dcat:Resource rdf:type
oxp:Department rdf:type
oxp:Site rdf:type
oxp:Building rdf:type
oxp:University rdf:type
oxp:Library rdf:type
dcat:Catalog rdf:type
geo:SpatialThing rdf:type rdf:type
oxp:Unit rdf:type
foaf:OnlineAccount rdf:type
oxp:Division rdf:type
org:Organization rdf:type
oxp:Place rdf:type
org:Site rdf:type
foaf:Image rdf:type
b0 rdf:type
org:FormalOrganization rdf:type
b1 rdf:type
b2 rdf:type
gr:BusinessEntity rdf:type
v:Address rdf:type
b3 rdf:type
org:ChangeEvent rdf:type
org:Role rdf:type
org:Membership rdf:type
owl:hasKey rdfs:domain
oxp:Space rdf:type
v:Fax rdf:type
v:TelephoneType rdf:type
v:Voice rdf:type
b4 rdf:type
gr:PriceSpecification rdf:type
gr:Offering rdf:type
gr:Location rdf:type
gr:BusinessEntityType rdf:type
gr:TypeAndQuantityNode rdf:type
gr:OpeningHoursSpecification rdf:type
gr:DeliveryMethod rdf:type
gr:PaymentMethod rdf:type
gr:BusinessFunction rdf:type
gr:WarrantyPromise rdf:type
gr:WarrantyScope rdf:type
gr:QuantitativeValue rdf:type
gr:Brand rdf:type
gr:DayOfWeek rdf:type
skos:Concept rdf:type
gr:ProductOrService rdf:type
gr:QualitativeValue rdf:type
gr:LocationOfSalesOrServiceProvisioning rdf:type
oxp:SubLibrary rdf:type
oxp:Room rdf:type
owl:Restriction rdfs:subClassOf
skos:ConceptScheme rdf:type
skos:Collection rdf:type
skos:OrderedCollection rdf:type
b5 rdf:type
owl:Nothing rdf:type
owl:complementOf rdfs:range
owl:complementOf rdfs:domain
owl:disjointUnionOf rdfs:domain
owl:onClass rdfs:range
dcat:CatalogRecord rdf:type
dcat:DataService rdf:type
dcat:Distribution rdf:type
dcat:Relationship rdf:type
dcat:Role rdf:type
b6 rdf:type
v:Kind rdf:type
v:VCard rdf:type
time:DateTimeDescription rdf:type
time:GeneralDateTimeDescription rdf:type
time:TemporalPosition rdf:type
time:TRS rdf:type
b7 rdf:type
time:TemporalUnit rdf:type
b8 rdf:type
time:TemporalDuration rdf:type
time:DayOfWeek rdf:type
time:MonthOfYear rdf:type
time:TimeZone rdf:type
time:GeneralDurationDescription rdf:type
time:Duration rdf:type
time:DateTimeInterval rdf:type
time:ProperInterval rdf:type
time:Interval rdf:type
time:Instant rdf:type
time:TemporalEntity rdf:type
time:DurationDescription rdf:type
time:January rdf:type
time:TimePosition rdf:type
b9 rdf:type
time:Year rdf:type
sioc:Community rdf:type
sioc:Item rdf:type
sioc:Role rdf:type
sioc:UserAccount rdf:type
sioc:Container rdf:type
sioc:Usergroup rdf:type
sioc:Space rdf:type
sioc:Forum rdf:type
sioc:Post rdf:type
sioc:Site rdf:type
sioc:Thread rdf:type
oxp:Museum rdf:type
oxp:Hall rdf:type
oxp:College rdf:type
foaf:Group rdf:type
oxp:Faculty rdf:type
gr:UnitPriceSpecification rdf:type
gr:PaymentChargeSpecification rdf:type
gr:DeliveryChargeSpecification rdf:type
b10 rdf:type
v:Email rdf:type rdf:type
gr:License rdf:type
v:Acquaintance rdf:type
v:RelatedType rdf:type
v:Agent rdf:type
v:BBS rdf:type
v:Car rdf:type
v:Cell rdf:type
v:Child rdf:type
v:Colleague rdf:type
v:Contact rdf:type
v:Coresident rdf:type
v:Coworker rdf:type
v:Crush rdf:type
v:Date rdf:type
v:Dom rdf:type
v:Type rdf:type
v:Emergency rdf:type
v:Female rdf:type
v:Gender rdf:type
v:Friend rdf:type
v:Home rdf:type
v:ISDN rdf:type
v:Internet rdf:type
v:Intl rdf:type
v:Kin rdf:type
v:Label rdf:type
v:Male rdf:type
v:Me rdf:type
v:Met rdf:type
v:Modem rdf:type
v:Msg rdf:type
v:Muse rdf:type
v:Neighbor rdf:type
v:None rdf:type
v:Other rdf:type
v:PCS rdf:type
v:Pager rdf:type
v:Parcel rdf:type
v:Parent rdf:type
v:Postal rdf:type
v:Pref rdf:type
v:Sibling rdf:type
v:Spouse rdf:type
v:Sweetheart rdf:type
v:Tel rdf:type
v:Text rdf:type
v:TextPhone rdf:type
v:Unknown rdf:type
v:Video rdf:type
v:Work rdf:type
v:X400 rdf:type
v:Group rdf:type
b11 rdf:type
v:Individual rdf:type
v:Location rdf:type
v:Organization rdf:type
v:Name rdf:type
b12 rdf:type
void:Linkset rdf:type
void:TechnicalFeature rdf:type
void:DatasetDescription rdf:type
b13 rdf:type rdf:type
b14 rdf:type
b15 rdf:type
b16 rdf:type
b17 rdf:type
gr:Individual rdf:type rdf:type
gr:ActualProductOrServiceInstance rdf:type
gr:SomeItems rdf:type
gr:ProductOrServiceModel rdf:type
gr:ProductOrServicesSomeInstancesPlaceholder rdf:type
b18 rdf:type


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