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code name
ANN St Anne's College Library
ANT St Antony's College Library
ANT RussianEE Russian and East European Library
ASC All Souls College Library
ASC Anson 1st All Souls - Anson Room, 1st floor
ASC Anson Rm. All Souls - Anson Room
ASC Ante Libr All Souls - Ante Library
ASC Cellar All Souls - Cellar
ASC Gallery All Souls - Great Lib. Gallery
ASC Great Lib All Souls - Great library
ASC Librarian All Souls - Librarian's Room
ASC Stack 1st All Souls - Stack 1st floor
ASC Stack 2nd All Souls - Stack 2nd floor
ASC Stack 3rd All Souls - Stack 3rd floor
ASC Stack Gnd All Souls - Stack ground floor
ASC Subl. 1st All Souls - Sublibrarian 1st floor
ASC Subl. 2nd All Souls - Sublibrarian 2nd floor
ASC Subl. 3rd All Souls - Sublibrarian 3rd floor
ASC Subl. Gnd All Souls - Sublibrarian ground floor
ASC Warden's All Souls - Warden's Basement
ASC Wharton All Souls - Wharton Room
ASH AntiqDept Ashmolean - Antiquities Department
ASH Hope Coll Hope Collection
ASH WA HopeRm Western Art Print Room
ASH WA Prt Rm Western Art Print Room
All Souls All Souls College Library
American Inst Vere Harmsworth Library
BAL Balfour Library (Pitt Rivers Museum)
BAL 60BR Balfour - 60BR
BAL 64BR Balfour - 64BR
BAL Stack Rm7 Balfour - Stack Room 7
BJL Bodleian Japanese Library
BJL Loan Bodleian Japanese - Loan Collection
BJL Reference Bodleian Japanese - Reference Collection
BLF Blackfriars Library
BLL Balliol College Library
BLL Law Coll. Balliol - Law Collection
BLL Ref.Coll. Balliol - Reference Collection
BLL Reserve Balliol - Reserve Collection
BLL Spec.Coll Balliol - Special Collection
BLL Stack Balliol - Stack
BNC Brasenose College Library
BNC Latham Brasenose - Latham Room
BNC Law Libr Brasenose - Law Library
BNC Stamford Brasenose - Stamford House
BOD Bodleian Library
BOD Bookstack Bodleian Library Bookstack
BOD D.Humfrey Bodleian - Duke Humfrey's Library Open Shelves
BOD Engl.Acc. English Accessions
BOD Hispanic Hispanic Accessions
BOD L. Camera Bodleian - Lower Camera Open Shelves
BOD Lower RR Bodleian - Lower Reading Room Open Shelves
BOD Offsite Bodleian Library Offsite Storage
BOD Or.Acc. Oriental Accessions
BOD Slav.Acc. Slavonic Accessions
BOD U. Camera Bodleian - Upper Camera Open Shelves
BOD Upper RR Bodleian - Upper Reading Room Open Shelves
Balfour Libr. Balfour Library (Pitt Rivers Museum)
Balliol Balliol College Library
Blackfriars Blackfriars Library
Bod.Japanese Bodleian Japanese Library
Bodleian Bodleian Library
Brasenose Brasenose College Library
CAT St Catherine's College Library
CAT Bookcase St Catherine's - Bookcase
CAT NSem Room St Catherine's - North Seminar Room
CAT Store St Catherine's - Book Store
CCC Corpus Christi College Library
CCC Archives Corpus - Archives
CCC Bridges Corpus - Bridges Collection
CCC Hodgson Corpus - Hodgson Collection
CCC Office Corpus - Library Office
CCC Periodic. Corpus - Periodicals
CCC Rare bks Corpus - Rare Books Collection
CCC Reference Corpus - Reference
CCC Stack Corpus - Stack
CED Rewley House Continuing Education Library
CED Reserve Continuing Education - Reserve at Ewert House
CEU Cancer Epidemiology Unit
CEU Holdings Holdings on OLIS
CHC Christ Church - Main Library
CHC Spec.Coll Christ Church - Special Collections
CMS Oxford Centre for Mission Studies Library
CMS Main Libr Main Library
COM Computer Science Library
COM Books Computing Lab - Books
COM Journals Computing Lab - Journals
COM N.A.G. Computing Lab - Numerical Analysis Group
COM ProgResGp Computing Lab - Programming Research Group
COM ShortLoan Computing Lab - Short Loan Books
COM Tech.Reps Computing Lab - Technical Reports
COS ALS approaches to local studies
COS AP aerial photos (non-SMR)
COS CC classified (news)cuttings
COS CEN census transcripts & indexes
COS GCT genealogy - glass cabinets
COS GMC genealogy - microfiche carousels
COS GP genealogy - pamphlet
COS GPZ genealogy - pamphlet (oversize)
COS GV genealogy (octavo)
COS GZ genealogy (oversize)
COS HOL Holton - Library Service HQ
COS IL illustrations (small)
COS ILZ illustrations (oversize)
COS KHP Kennington History Project
COS LHW COS Workroom
COS MC OS map cabinets
COS MC20 topical OS-based maps
COS MC3 copy maps (classified and topographical)
COS MC4 historic maps
COS MC5 classified posters
COS MF local studies microforms
COS MI monumental inscription transcripts
COS MIC microfilms (newspapers & FH fiches/films)
COS NBF North Berkshire cuttings files
COS NC newscuttings (loose)
COS OH oral history copy tapes
COS OPA Oxfordshire Photo. Archive
COS ORCC ORCC cuttings files
COS OV open shelves (octavo)
COS OZ open shelves (oversize)
COS P pamphlet
COS PC poster chests
COS PR parish register transcripts
COS PZ pamphlet (oversize)
COS SC sale catalogues
COS SF stack (folio)
COS SGV stack genealogy (octavo)
COS SGZ stack genealogy (oversize)
COS SM small maps (estate & inclosure maps)
COS SMIN stack council minutes
COS SMR Sites & Monuments Record
COS STR strongroom
COS SV stack (octavo)
COS SZ stack (oversize)
COS TEL TE Lawrence Society library
COS TH Town Hall
COS VID videotape collection
CSL K B Chen China Centre Library
Cancer Ep.Un. Cancer Epidemiology Unit
Chinese Stud. K B Chen China Centre Library
Christ Church Christ Church - Main Library
Computing Lab Computer Science Library
Continuing Ed Rewley House Continuing Education Library
Corpus Chr. Corpus Christi College Library
DOM Materials Library
DOM Closed Ac Materials - Closed Access
DOM Faculty Materials - On Faculty loan
DOM Office Materials - Librarian's Office
DOM Room F11 Materials - Room F11
DUN Sir William Dunn School of Pathology Library
DUN Holdings Dunn School holdings on OLIS
DYS Holdings Dyson Perrins holdings on OLIS
Dunn School Sir William Dunn School of Pathology Library
EAR Earth Sciences Library
EAR Annexe Earth Sciences - Annexe
EAR Bowman Earth Sciences - Bowman Room
EAR Gen. Libr Earth Sciences - Main Library
EAR Reprint Earth Sciences - Reprint Library
EDM St Edmund Hall Library
EDM Emden Col St Edmund Hall - Emden Naval History Collection
EDM Tower St Edmund Hall - Tower
EDU Education Library
EDU DLATHE Education - Diploma in LATHE Collection
EDU OpenShelf Education - Open Access
EFL English Faculty Library
EFL Cat.Stand English Faculty - Catalogue Stand
EFL Desk English Faculty - Staff Desk
EFL Griffiths English Faculty - Jeremy Griffiths Collection
EFL HB Room English Faculty - History of the Book Room
EFL Icelandic English Faculty - Icelandic Room
EFL Ker Coll. English Faculty - Ker Collection
EFL Main LCC English Faculty - LCC Books
EFL Meyerstei English Faculty - Meyerstein Collection
EFL NRK Coll. English Faculty - Neil Ripley Ker Collection
EFL Napier English Faculty - Napier Collection
EFL Owen Coll English Faculty - Owen Collection
EFL Rare Bks. English Faculty - Rare Book Room
EFL Stack English Faculty - Stack
EFL Stack 1 English Faculty - Stack 1
EFL Stack 2 English Faculty - Stack 2
EFL Tapes English Faculty - Audio-tapes
EFL Tolkien English Faculty - Tolkien Collection
EFL Turv.-Pet English Faculty - Turville-Petre Collection
EFL Videos English Faculty - Video/DVD
EFL Weedon English Faculty - Margaret Weedon Collection
EFL York-Pow. English Faculty - York Powell Collection
ENG Engineering Science Library
ENG Gen. Ref. Engineering - General Reference
ENG Manag.Stu Engineering - Management Studies
ENG U/G Lendg Engineering - Undergraduate Lending Collection
ENG U/G Ref. Engineering - Undergraduate Reference Collection
EXE Exeter College Library
EXE Lower Bursary Exeter - Lower Bursary
EXE Stack Exeter - Stack
EXE Strong Rm Exeter - Strong Room
Earth Science Earth Sciences Library
Educational S Education Library
Engineering Engineering Science Library
English Fac. English Faculty Library
Exeter Exeter College Library
GRF Greyfriars Franciscan Studies Library
GRF Egyptol. Greyfriars - Egyptological Collection
GRF Francisc. Greyfriars - Franciscan Collection
Greyfriars Greyfriars Franciscan Studies Library
HCL Health Care Libraries - Cairns Library
HCL John Radc Health Care Libraries
HCL Knowl Cen Health Care Libraries - Knowledge Centre
HEB Leopold Muller Memorial Library
HEB Muller Leopold Muller Memorial Library
HER Hertford College Library
HFL History Faculty Library
HFL Counter History Faculty - Counter
HFL LCC MainL History Faculty - LCC
HFL Maitland History Faculty - Maitland Room
HFL Oresko History Faculty - Oresko Collection
HFL Oversize History Faculty - Oversize
HFL Quick Ref History Faculty - Quick Reference
HFL Stack 1 History Faculty - Basement Stack
HFL West G. History Faculty - West Gallery Reference
HIN Hindu Studies Library
HMC Harris Manchester College Library
HMC Carpenter Harris Manchester - Carpenter Library
HMC Office Harris Manchester - Library office
HMC Stack Harris Manchester - Stack
HMC Tate Harris Manchester - Tate Library
HSC Pauling Centre for Human Sciences Library
HUG St Hugh's College Library
HUG RBS St Hugh's - Rare Book Section
Harris Coll. Harris Manchester College Library
Health Care Health Care Libraries - Cairns Library
Hebrew Stud. Leopold Muller Memorial Library
Hertford Hertford College Library
Hindu Studies Hindu Studies Library
History Fac. History Faculty Library
Human Sci. Pauling Centre for Human Sciences Library
ICL Instituto Camoes Library
IND Indian Institute Reading Room
IND Desk IND Desk
IND Grille Stack Grille
IND Main Libr Main Library
IND Nuneham Nuneham Repository
IND Offsite Indian Institute Library Offsite Storage
ISL Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Library
ISL Main Libr Main Library
Indian Inst. Indian Institute Reading Room
Inst. Camoes Instituto Camoes Library
Internet Inst Oxford Internet Institute Library
Islamic Stud. Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Library
JES Jesus College Library
Jesus College Jesus College Library
KEB Keble College Library
KEB Libr. Off Keble - Library Office
KEB Spec. Col Keble - Special Collections
KEB Stack Keble - Stack
Keble College Keble College Library
LAC Latin American Centre Library
LAN Language Centre Library
LAN Archive Language - Archive
LAN Libr Off Language - Librarian's Office
LAN Tchrs Res Language - Teachers' resource room
LAW Law Library
LAW Main Desk Bodleian Law - Main Desk
LAW OIPRC Bodleian Law - Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre
LAW Reserve Bodleian Law - Reserve Collection
LAW Serv.Desk Bodleian Law - Service Desk
LCR Linacre College Library
LIN Lincoln College Library
LIN Archive Lincoln - Archive
LIN Corridor Lincoln - Corridor
LIN Strong Rm Lincoln - Strong Room
LMH Lady Margaret Hall Library
LMH Briggs Rm Lady Margaret Hall - Briggs Room
LMH LC East Lady Margaret Hall - Locked cupboard East
LMH LC Main Lady Margaret Hall - Locked cupboard Main
LMH LC West Lady Margaret Hall - Locked cupboard West
LMH Law Libr. Lady Margaret Hall - Law Library
LMH Locked S. Lady Margaret Hall - Lockeed Stack
LMH Office Lady Margaret Hall - Librarian's Office
LMH PMR Lady Margaret Hall - Principal's Meeting Room
LMH Stack Lady Margaret Hall - Stack
Lady Marg. H. Lady Margaret Hall Library
Language Ctr. Language Centre Library
Lat.Amer.Cntr Latin American Centre Library
Law Library Law Library
Learning Inst Oxford Learning Institute Library
Linacre Coll. Linacre College Library
Lincoln Coll. Lincoln College Library
MAG Magdalen College Library
MAG Chantry Chantry Library
MAG Daubeny Magdalen - Daubeny Library
MAG Law Libr. Magdalen - Law Library
MAG LtdAccess Magdalen - Limited Accessy
MAG McFarlane Magdalen - McFarlane Library
MAG New Libr. Magdalen - New Library
MAG Old Libr. Magdalen - Old Library
MAT Mathematical Institute Library
MAT Dart Mathematical Institute - Dartington Annexe
MEC Middle East Centre Library
MER Merton College Library
MER Library Merton - Restricted Access
MER MOB Merton - Reading Room
MER OWL Merton - Old Warden's Lodgings
MER Stack Merton - Bookstack
MFO Maison Française Library
MFO Basement Maison Francaise - Basement
MHS Museum of the History of Science Library
MHS Evans Col Museum History of Science - Evans Collection
MHS OpenShelf Museum History of Science - Open Shelf
MHS Osney Museum History of Science - MHS Osney
MHS Stack Museum History of Science - Stack
MUS Bodleian Music Faculty Library
MUS 1st Floor Music Faculty - First Floor
MUS 2nd Floor Music Faculty - Second Floor
MUS Listening Music Faculty - Listening Room
MUS New Books Music Faculty - New Books Display
MUS New Pers Music Faculty - New Periodicals Display
MUS Staff Res Music Faculty - Staff Reserve
Magdalen Coll Magdalen College Library
Maison Franc. Maison Française Library
Materials Dpt Materials Library
Maths Inst. Mathematical Institute Library
Merton Coll. Merton College Library
Middle East C Middle East Centre Library
Mission Stud. Oxford Centre for Mission Studies Library
Mus.Hist.Sc. Museum of the History of Science Library
Music Fac. Bodleian Music Faculty Library
NET Networked Resources
NET Resources Networked Resources
NEW New College Library
NEW Classics New - Classics Room
NEW Law Libr. New - Law Library
NEW Restrictd New - Restricted Access
NEW Stack New - Stack
NUF Nuffield College Library
NUF Closed ac Nuffield - Tower closed access
NUF Extension Nuffield - Extension
NUF OpenShelf Nuffield - Tower open access
Netwrk Res. Networked Resources
New College New College Library
Nuffield Coll Nuffield College Library
OII Oxford Internet Institute Library
OII Reference Internet Institute - Reference
OIL Oriental Institute Library
OIL Desk Oriental Institute - Library Desk
OLI Oxford Learning Institute Library
OPT Holdings Ophthalmology holdings on OLIS
ORL Oriel College Library
ORL Lower Stk Oriel - Lower Stack
ORL Senior L. Oriel - Senior Library
ORL Upper Stk Oriel - Upper Stack
OUM Oxford University Museum of Natural History Library
OUM Entomol. Museum Natural History - Hope Library (Entomology)
OUM Geolog. Museum Natural History - Arkell Geological Collections
OUM Mineral. Museum Natural History - Mineralogical Collections
OUM Zoolog. Museum Natural History - Zoological Collections
OUS Oxford Union Society Library
OUS Gladst Rm Oxford Union - Gladstone Room
OUS Goodman Oxford Union - Goodman Library
OUS Morris Rm Oxford Union - Morris Room
OUS Old Libr. Oxford Union - Old Library
OUS Poetry Rm Oxford Union - Poetry Room
OUS Presd Off Oxford Union - President's Office
OUS Receptn. Oxford Union - Library Reception
OUS Stack Oxford Union - Closed Stack
OUS Uppr Land Oxford Union - Upper Landing
Oriel College Oriel College Library
Oriental Inst Oriental Institute Library
Oxford Union Oxford Union Society Library
PCH Holdings Physical Chemistry holdings on OLIS
PEM Pembroke College Library
PEM Office Pembroke - Library Office
PEM RBR Pembroke - Rare book room
PEM Seminar Pembroke - Seminar Room
PEM Stack Pembroke - Closed access stack
PEM URR Pembroke - Upper reading room
PHI Basement Philosophy Faculty - Basement stack
PHI Common Rm Philosophy Faculty - Common Room
PHI Computing Philosophy Faculty - Computing Resources Room
PHI Cupboard Philosophy Faculty - Cupboard
PHI Domus Rm Philosophy Faculty - Domus Room
PHI Fowler Rm Philosophy Faculty - Fowler Room
PHI Harre Philosophy Faculty - Harre Room
PHI Help Desk Philosophy Faculty - Help desk and office
PHI Hodgson Philosophy Faculty - Hodgson Collection
PHI New Books Philosophy Faculty - Display Shelf
PHI Periodic. Philosophy Faculty - Periodicals
PHY Physiology Library
PHY Main Libr Physiology Library
PHY Sherring. Sherrington Library
PLS Sherardian Library of Plant Taxonomy
Pembroke Coll Pembroke College Library
Plant Science Sherardian Library of Plant Taxonomy
QUE Queen's College Library
QUE Basement Queen's - Basement
QUE Galician Queen's - Centre for Galician Studies Library
QUE Harmswrth Queen's - Harmsworth Room
QUE Law Libr Queen's - Law Library
QUE Librarian Queen's - Librarian's Office
QUE Manuscrpt Queen's - Manuscripts Cupboard
QUE Peet Libr Queen's - Peet Library
QUE Reference Queen's - Reference collection
QUE Select Queen's - Select cases
QUE Staff Queen's - Staff Collection
QUE Taylor Queen's - Taylor's Office
QUE Tunnel Queen's - Tunnel
QUE Upper Lib Queen's - Upper Library
Queen's Coll. Queen's College Library
REG Regent's Park College Library
REG Angus Regent's Park - Angus Library
REG BMS Regent's Park - Baptist Missionary Society collection
REG Nicholls Regent's Park - David Nicholls Collection
RHO Rhodes House Library
RHO ReadingRm Rhodes House - Reading Room Open Shelves
RSL Radcliffe Science Library
RSL Desk Radcliffe Sci. Lib. Main Desk
RSL Entr Hall Radcliffe Science - Entrance Hall
RSL Level 2 Radcliffe Science - Level 2
RSL Level 3 Radcliffe Science - Level 3
RSL Level 4 Radcliffe Science - Level 4
RSL Level 5 Radcliffe Science - Level 5
RSL Level 6 Radcliffe Science - Level 6
RSL Level 7 Radcliffe Science - Level 7
RSL Level 8 Radcliffe Science - Level 8
RSL Life Sci Radcliffe Science - Life Sciences
RSL Offsite Radcliffe Science Library Offsite Storage
RSL OpenShelf Radcliffe Science - Open Shelf
RSL Phys Sci Radcliffe Science - Physical Science
RSL Same Day Radcliffe Science - Same Day
RUS Ruskin School of Art Library
RUS Ref Libr Ruskin - Reference Library
Radcl.Science Radcliffe Science Library
Regent's Park Regent's Park College Library
Rhodes House Rhodes House Library
Ruskin School Ruskin School of Art Library
SAC Sackler Library
SAC 1 Papyrol Sackler - First Floor papyri
SAC 3 Stack Sackler - Third Floor Stack
SAC Archives Sackler - Archives
SAC Ash CoinR Sackler - Coin Room in Ashmolean Museum
SAC Floor 1 Sackler - First Floor
SAC Floor 2 Sackler - Second Floor
SAC Floor 3 Sackler - Third Floor
SAC Floor G Sackler - Ground Floor
SAC Floor LG Sackler - Lower Ground Floor
SAC G CLL Sackler - Classic Lending Collection
SAC G Havrfld Sackler - Haverfield
SAC Haskell Sackler - Haskell Room
SAC Rare Book Sackler - Rare Book Room
SAC Wind Room Sackler - Wind Collection
SBS Sainsbury Library
SBS Careers Saïd Business School - Careers Section
SBS Desk Saïd Business School - Desk
SBS Stack Saïd Business School - Stack
SBS Upper Saïd Business School - Upper Reading Room
SCA Tylor Library
SOM Somerville College Library
SOM Loft Somerville - Loft
SOM Stack Somerville - Closed stack
SOM Staff Somerville - Ask staff
SPC St Peter's College Library
SPC Law Libr. St Peter's - Law Library
SPC Lower Lib St Peter's - Lower Library
SPC OIPRC St Peter's - Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre
SPC Office St Peter's - Library Office
SPC Pamphlets St Peter's - Pamphlet Collection
SPC Periodic. St Peter's - Periodicals
SPC Stack St Peter's - Bookstack
SPC Upper Lib St Peter's - Upper
SPC Wulstan St Peter's - Wulstan Music Collection
SSL Social Science Library
SSL LibOffice Social Science - Library Office
SSL RSC Boxes Social Science - Rolling Stack RSC Boxes
SSL Reference Social Science - Reference
SSL RollStack Social Science - Rolling Stack
SSL StaffDesk Social Science - Staff Desk
SSL Theses Social Science - Theses
STA Statistics Library
STB St Benet's Hall Library
STB CCO St Benet's Hall - Catholic Chaplaincy
STB DAC St Benet's Hall - Douai Abbey Collection
STB GKC St Benet's Hall - G.K. Chesterton Archive
STB HTM St Benet's Hall - Holy Trinity Monastery
STB Lower Gr. St Benet's Hall - Lower Ground
STF Bodleian Staff Library
STF Periodic. Bodleian Staff - Periodicals
STJ St John's College Library
STJ Bul-Tho St John's - Bulmer-Thomas collection
STJ Graves St John's - Robert Graves library
STJ Housman St John's - A.E. Housman collection
STX St Cross College Library
Sackler Sackler Library
Said Business Sainsbury Library
Soc/Cult Anth Tylor Library
Social Sci. Social Science Library
Somerville Somerville College Library
St Anne's St Anne's College Library
St Antony's St Antony's College Library
St Benet's St Benet's Hall Library
St Catherines St Catherine's College Library
St Cross Coll St Cross College Library
St Edmund H. St Edmund Hall Library
St Hugh's St Hugh's College Library
St John's St John's College Library
St Peter's St Peter's College Library
Staff Libr. Bodleian Staff Library
Statistics Statistics Library
TAS Taylor Slavonic and Modern Greek Library
TAS 2 Flr New Taylor Slavonic - Czech Oversize LC Classification
TAS 2 FlrOver Taylor Slavonic - Czech LC Classification
TAS Base New Taylor Slavonic - Basement LC Classification
TAS Base Over Taylor Slavonic - Basement Oversize LC Class
TAS Gk LC Taylor Slavonic - Greek Oversize LC Classification
TAS Gk LC Out Taylor Slavonic - Greek LC Classification
TAS Pers Taylor Slavonic - Periodicals
TAS Rare Taylor Slavonic - Rare Books
TAS Reference Taylor Slavonic - Reference LC Classifications
TAS U/gr. Taylor Slavonic - Undergraduate collections
TAS UG LC Taylor Slavonic - Undergraduate collections LC Classification
TAS UG LC Out Taylor Slavonic - Undergraduate collections Oversize LC Classification
TAS XPS Taylor Slavonic - Formerly BOD Slavonic RR
TAY Taylor Institution Library
TAY Base Celt Taylor Institution - Basement Celtic LC Class
TAY Base Over Taylor Institution - Basement Celtic Oversize LC
TAY Base Ydsh Taylor Institution - Basement Yiddish LC Class
TAY Ling Over Taylor Institution - Linguistics Oversize LC
TAY Ling. Taylor Institution - Linguistics Collection
TAY MLF AV Taylor Institution - Languages Audio-Visual
TAY MLF Bks Taylor Institution - Languages Books
TAY MLF News Taylor Institution - Languages Newspapers
TAY MLF O.S. Taylor Institution - Languages Oversize
TAY MLF Ref Taylor Institution - Languages Reference
TAY MLF Staff Taylor Institution - Languages Staff Desk
TAY Main Libr Taylor Institution Library Main Desk
TAY Main Over Taylor Institution - Main Stack Oversize LC Classification
TAY MainStack Taylor Institution - Main Stack LC Classification
TAY Reference Taylor Institution - Reference LC Classification
TAY ShortLoan Taylor Institution - Short loan collection
THE Basement Theology Faculty - Basement
THE Chadwick Theology Faculty - Chadwick Room
THE Farrer Theology Faculty - Farrer Room
THE Help Desk Theology Faculty - Staff Reserve
THE LC Theology Faculty - Library of Congress Sequence
THE New Books Theology Faculty - New Books Display
THE Stack Theology Faculty - Stack
THE Tyndale Theology Faculty - Tyndale Room
TRI Trinity College Library
TRI Archive Trinity - Archive
TRI Old Libr Trinity - Old Library
Taylor Slav. Taylor Slavonic and Modern Greek Library
Taylorian Taylor Institution Library
Trinity Coll. Trinity College Library
UNI University College Library
UNI BL University College Library BL
UNI Law University College Law Library
UNI Main University College Main Library
UNI Store University College Library Store
Univ.Museum Oxford University Museum of Natural History Library
University C. University College Library
VHL Vere Harmsworth Library
WAD Wadham College Library
WAD SLC Wadham - Sarah Lawrence College collection
WEL Wellcome Unit Library
WEL LCC MainL Wellcome Unit - LCC Main Library
WEL Quick Ref Wellcome Unit - Quick Reference
WOL Wolfson College Library
WOL Floersh. Wolfson - Floersheimer
WOL Hornik Wolfson - Hornik Memorial
WOL Reference Wolfson - Reference Section
WOR Worcester College Library
WOR Eland Worcester - Eland Collection
WOR Law Lib Worcester - Law Library
WOR Office Worcester - Library Office
WOR Old Lib Worcester - Old Library
WOR Stack Worcester - Stack
WOR Upper Lib Worcester - Upper Library
Wadham Coll. Wadham College Library
Wellcome Unit Wellcome Unit Library
Wolfson Coll. Wolfson College Library
Worcester C. Worcester College Library
ZOO Zoology Library
ZOO Alexander Alexander Library of Ornithology
ZOO Elton Zoology - Elton Library
ZOO Main Ref. Zoology - Main Reference
Zoolog Zoology Library
Zoology Zoology Library


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